Katana-carbs-1What a fun week. OK, fun may not be the right word, but I digress. It’s been a long process getting my ’03 Suzuki Katana 600 running again after it inexplicably refused to start one morning a few weeks back. I ended up having to replace the fuel petcock, and inline fuel filter, flush the entire fuel system and tank, and rebuild the carburetors. This was all due to some water-contaminated gas, I assume, since I filled up the night before at a Circle K and the gas I drained out of my fuel system was a mess.

While it was down I also decided to get some other work out of the way in the form of a valve adjustment, new vacuum hoses, new fuel lines, and a general cleaning of pretty much everything on the bike. If nothing else, she will be pretty! haha

I’ll have to go get new gas in the morning and (hopefully) the bike will fire up so I can start tuning. With any luck, ill be able to put this expensive, and frustrating issue behind me. I usually commute daily on the Katana, rain or shine, so not being able to ride has been a major disappointment.

Thanks to RideNow Powersports for a couple of the parts, and to Arizona Motorcycle for the carb cleaning.


Should anyone be interested, here is what you need to refresh your fuel system:

Fuel Filter:

I got a glass-bodied one with a paper element, but this one is the same brand.

Carb Rebuild Kits 

Petcock Rebuild Kit

Step by Step Suzuki Katana Carb Rebuild Instructions:

Pre-1998: http://katriders.com/wiki/index.php5?title=Carbs_101

Post-1998: http://katriders.com/wiki/images/8/8f/Carbs102a.pdf

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