This Kobalt Tools Review will focus on the Mechanic’s Screwdrivers. These screwdrivers (shown in the picture) have a blue acetate polymer hard handles, and are quite a bit heavier (and assumably tougher) than your standard screwdriver handle. Each screwdriver handle, with the exception of the stubby screwdrivers, has a steel pommel cap. The shanks, once again excluding the stubby screwdrivers, feature a hexagonal bolster allowing you to use a wrench for extra torque if necessary. The tips of all of the screwdrivers are coated with a black phosphate finish for increased grip on the screw head, and by extension, less wear to the tips and less rounded off fasteners.

Kobalt Mechanics ScrewdriversKobalt Screwdriver Cap Kobalt Screwdriver Shank Kobalt Screwdriver Tip

The best part? These new screwdrivers are made in the USA! That’s right, they are made right here in the United States by Great Neck Saw Manufacturers, Inc.  of Mineola, NY.

Lowes is offering these new drivers in a few individual sizes, and there’s also a new 5-piece set that comes with two Phillips, two slotted, and one mini offset screwdrivers. The rest shown in the picture are available in singular packaging.

Note that some readers have reported seeing 5-piece sets labeled Made in China, while individual screwdrivers are still labeled Made in USA. This may mean that the offset screwdriver (unique to the set) is made in China. Alternatively, it could mean something else entirely! I honestly don’t know, but if you’re in the market for new screwdrivers, I wouldn’t let this observation dissuade you too much.

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