In this review, we will be comparing Kobalt Tools sockets from Lowes to Pittsburgh sockets from Harbor Freight. Both samples were purchased new in 2015.

Kobalt Vs Pittsburgh Kobalt Vs Pittsburgh

First Impressions

Both sockets are of chrome plated steel construction, and 6 point 3/8in drive design. The sockets are in a similar size range, as the Kobalt is an 18mm and the Pittsburgh socket is a 11/16. They both seem to be of reasonably high finish quality, with the Kobalt winning out very slightly in the chrome plating (fewer imperfections), though neither socket had many to speak of.

The Kobalt Socket

The Kobalt socket, as you may notice has a laser-engraved size marking near the top of the socket, and a blue acrylic band near the bottom designating it as a metric socket.

Kobalt Socket Front Kobalt Socket Top 2 Kobalt Socket Top Kobalt Socket Bottom

The Pittsburgh Socket

The Pittsburgh socket is┬ároll stamped with it’s size marking, but offers no color or other markings to distinguish SAE and Metric sockets.

Pittsburgh Socket FrontPittsburgh Socket Top 2Pittsburgh Socket TopPittsburgh Socket Bottom


I have had a chance to put both the Kobalt sockets, and Pittsburgh sockets through some light to medium duty use, and both seem to be pretty well up to the task mechanically. Neither socket has rounded any fasteners or showed any sines of failure. Not even so much as a little chrome flaking. In the event that anything changes, I’ll be sure to update this review. For now, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either brand of socket for DIY work!


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