In this guide, you’ll learn How to Clean Car Wheels safely and properly! Cleaning the wheels on your car is an important step of any car detailing process. Dirty wheels will detract from even the most clean, polished ride otherwise. Don’t let your wheels look like the ones pictured above, and make cleaning them properly a goal with every car wash!

How to Clean Car Wheels Step 1: Get a brush (if necessary).

A wheel brush isn’t needed to clean all car rims, but if your wheels have a lot of spokes, crevices, lug nut wells, or other areas brake dust and road grime can collect and get hard to reach, you might find one of these to be a real time saver! My personal favorite is the SpeedMaster bundle (pictured below), as it provides not only a wheel brush, but some extra accessories to clean car tires as well! And best of all, it’s only about $1 more expensive than the wheel brush alone!

How to Clean Car Wheels Step 2: Use the best wheel cleaner!

OK, so here’s the deal with wheel cleaner: You can get away without it, but it’s kind of like saying you don’t actually need a car. Sure, you could probably get by without one, but it wouldn’t be very easy! And just like your car, if you’re going to invest in a wheel cleaner, you might as well make sure you get a good one! Sonax wheel cleaner, pictured below, is one of the best I’ve found. It works with an acid-free formula that won’t damage any wheel, clear-coated or otherwise.

How to Clean Car Wheels Step 3: clean those wheels!

OK, the key here is to make sure your wheels are cool to the touch, and dry. If you’ve driven your vehicle recently, let it sit awhile so those wheels and brakes have time to cool off. If possible, have your car in the shade for this process, as it will help keep both you and your wheels cooler. The first step when you’re ready to get down to it is to spray on your wheel cleaner of choice, making sure to coat each wheel evenly. Also make sure you spray as many of those hard to reach areas as you can. Give the cleaner 2-3 minutes to work, and scrub everything down with a wheel brush if you have one. If not, skip that step and move on. Next, wait a few more minutes for the cleaner to do it’s work, then rinse everything off with a high pressure water source like a hose sprayer, pressure washer, or whatever you’ve got handy. Finally, dry everything off with a clean microfiber towel to ensure that you don’t get any water spots. Those can really detract from all of the effort you’re putting in here!

Optional Bonus: Wheel Sealer

Well, now your wheels are nice and clean. Wanna keep ’em that way? Sure you do! The easiest way I’ve found to do that is using a wheel sealant. This protective coating blocks out brake dust and all other contaminants so you don’t have to continuously clean your wheels to keep them in great shape. Check the link below to learn more!

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