haynes-motorcycle-service-manualsIf you’re considering working on your own motorcycle, and you should, it’s a rewarding experience, and with labor rates nearing $100/hr it’s also a great way to save money – you’ll need a Motorcycle Service Manual specific to your bike. A FREE Motorcycle Service Manual is even better! In this article I’ll show you How to find a FREE Motorcycle Service Manual for your bike! While I prefer to buy a hard copy of the service manual for the bikes I own, I decided to write this article for educational purposes and to help fellow riders who may not be able to find the manual they need locally.

How to find a FREE Motorcycle Service Manual

  • Google Search – Doing a simple google search for your motorcycle year and model followed by “Service Manual”, for example: “2007 Yamaha R1 Service Manual” usually will locate a free motorcycle service manual pretty quickly.
  • Motorcycle Forums – Forums or Message Boards are a great source of information, and many of them have motorcycle service manuals available, or know where to find them. Manufacturer or bike-specific forums like KatRiders are probably your best bet for finding a specific manual.
  • If the methods above have not been successful, try searching torrent sites like isohunt or piratebay as a last resort. You will need a torrenting client like BitTorrent to use these sites, and many dishonest people upload viruses & other malicious software here, so download at your own risk!
  • The following sites have certain manuals available:

Evan Fell Motorcycle Works




  • The Library – Your local public library may have some service manuals available, your odds are especially good if your bike of choice is popular in your area.
  • Craigslist and Backpage – If nothing else, you may be able to find a Motorcycle Service Manual here. It may not be totally free, but I have purchased a number of manuals here anywhere from $1 to $10!

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