TO some, SEO and Keyword Research sound like some sort of voodoo. While it may seem that way at the start, once you begin to get the hang of things, it all comes together and starts making sense! Hopefully, these SEO Keyword Research Tips will help you shed some light on things! Let your competitors do […]

This Kobalt Tools Review will focus on the Mechanic’s Screwdrivers. These screwdrivers (shown in the picture) have a blue acetate polymer hard handles, and are quite a bit heavier (and assumably tougher) than your standard screwdriver handle. Each screwdriver handle, with the exception of the stubby screwdrivers, has a steel pommel cap. The shanks, once again excluding […]

In this review, we will be comparing Kobalt Tools sockets from Lowes to Pittsburgh sockets from Harbor Freight. Both samples were purchased new in 2015. First Impressions Both sockets are of chrome plated steel construction, and 6 point 3/8in drive design. The sockets are in a similar size range, as the Kobalt is an 18mm […]

I am writing this Williams WRS-1 Magnetic Ratcheting Screwdriver Review based upon this one I got as a gift on Christmas of 2014. I have had many chances to put it through it’s paces since then working on my ’03 Suzuki Katana and ’97 GMC K1500, and I feel I am now able to publish a […]

Today I am writing this Vessel Megadora 980 Impacta review, after a week of ownership and use. First off, I’d just like to say that having a JIS Screwdriver period is a godsend if you work on Japanese cars or motorcycles. This particular JIS screwdriver / Impact Tool, however, is doubly awesome. So far I’ve used it to […]

Being born into a mechanically inclined family, I was raised on tools. I still remember wrenching on my first bicycle, then lawnmowers, and finally my first car. Each step of the way I learned a bit more, and gained a few more tools. If you’re just starting out, the sheer number of tools you’ll find at your local store […]

Today I’m writing a Kobalt Ratchet review based on the ratchets currently (as of 2015) being offered by Lowes. As of the time of writing, Kobalt’s hand tools (ratchets included) are made in Taiwan. I usually prefer to buy USA-made, but all things considered these ratchets seem to be high quality, and at the price point […]

Tonight I bought a Leatherman Sidekick at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Mesa, AZ. I decided to write up a Leatherman Sidekick Review while I was sitting here playing with it and my first impressions were still fresh. I’ll try to be as comprehensive as I can with this review, and I apologise ahead of time if […]

A lot of bikers don’t spend much time thinking about Motorcycle Battery Maintenance, but they should! Motorcycle battery failures are the #2 reason motorcycles leave their owners stranded, right behind Tires in the #1 spot. Here’s the skinny: A 12-volt motorcycle battery is sort of misleading. Depending on how much use it’s seen, a motorcycle battery […]

If you’re considering working on your own motorcycle, and you should, it’s a rewarding experience, and with labor rates nearing $100/hr it’s also a great way to save money – you’ll need a Motorcycle Service Manual specific to your bike. A FREE Motorcycle Service Manual is even better! In this article I’ll show you How to find a FREE […]